Market Development

Market Development

We have a specific focus, as industry leaders, in the design and manufacture of critical Oil and Gas valves. Our energies are concentrated on the evolving markets that demand innovative design, a robustness of approach and proven reliability.

Pioneering projects

The new evolving territories are demanding innovation in engineering design. Our research and development focus ensures we provide solutions to these challenges.

Onerous operating conditions

High CO2 and H2S content and enhanced recovery cause increased corrosive conditions and erosive conditions add to the lifetime requirements of critical valves.

Our materials and design experience provide the reassurance that the long term reliability requirements needed for these conditions will be met.

Extremes of pressure and temperature

These extremes in combination require optimum solutions and a robust set of performance test results.

Stringent environmental performance standards

These standards are critical for the health and safety of operational staff, to limit the environmental impact and to provide zero leakage rates. All are central to our design.

Ultra-deep water

10,000 feet water depths in combination with increased pressure create new design challenges. Our evolution of design developed over 50 years enables us to deliver incremental improvements and to respond quickly to these new challenges.

Images from Tom Curtis & worradmu